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Good packaging design seeks the best ratio between function and cost and is an appropriate packaging.
Good packaging design can and products complement each other, the effect of "1 + 1 st13 2", but everything is too much of a good thing, businessman, is "high", xu had around by economic interests, some products like the across more than the "clothes", proves a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, of course, the product price also as "the lion big openings through the roof.
Recently reached its zenith of zongzi is a case of a "day price on the market, the official website of Beijing the imperial palace is still hanging gift reed and pastry price list: a basket of" sky blue "Dragon Boat Festival dumplings lines that cost up to $1880. This obviously is not just wait for sell zongzi, treasure, tureen, bamboo tea and tea as a foil, and gimmicks such as "imperial", "palace", the packing is not simple, a total of three layers of bamboo basket, material, pattern all has the royal demeanor. Another brand of a no abalone, sea cucumber, scallop, pork, beef, egg yolk expensive material of pure glutinous rice organic reed was three layer and outer layer of vacuum packaging plastic sealed package, in the design is delicate rectangular box, see rectangular box coat with the same pattern board box, carton outside with a gift. Patiently open the complicated packaging, the size of zongzi is "mini", and only 6 zongzi in the large package, the price is 288 yuan, and the average glutinous rice is sold 48 yuan. But this typical overpackaging has made zongzi popular with gift-giving.
By Chen Jinming teacher's opinion, the fact excessive packaging decoration, consumes the material too much, too big volume, heavy weight can be considered "excessive packaging, excessive packaging influence both in the identification of consumers of goods quality, but also a waste of resources. He points out that as much as a third of the city's rubbish is now packed, and more than 50 per cent of the excess packaging is luxury. And good packaging design is supposed to be seeking optimal proportion between function and cost, is a kind of appropriate packaging, as far as possible big benefits at the cost of as small as possible, with creative rather than expensive materials, the adornment of heavy and complicated blindly increase the cost. Graduated from Shanghai university advertising department is engaged in design work Zhang Yijing also said: "the gift on the package with the model of 'Russian dolls, a set of a, finally found the essence only" dolls "the inner core, a certain extent, there are suspected of cheat consumers, intentionally or not, businessman undoubtedly made false advertising on the packaging design. The packaging design can add lenovo to accurately describe the function of the product, but it cannot be exaggerated.
They also mentioned that the packaging design with gold content more is to do subtraction, less is more, often simple and generous, convenient consumers. For example, some businesses have designed more open bottle caps for drinking water or other food ingredients, taking into account the aging of the urban population. Have a energy-saving environmental protection in the toothpaste made attempts on the package: the packing with ordinary toothpaste packaging just switch opening and along the tail, to place at the end of the opening in ordinary toothpaste packaging design, to delimit the mouth open, want to use a little more, just the cut away a little, want to use a little less the mouth open less, can control the weight of the toothpaste extruding; Ordinary toothpaste packaging of export for many of the rest of the toothpaste, the design is dropped the circular opening sealing and design into square, can run out like origami fold tail square one two, can avoid wasting, and convenient for recycling, can also use less material to load more quantity of toothpaste.
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